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The Advanced Educational Company for Digital Technologies and electronic services , is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia, which taken start since at 2008 , which is based on marketing it’s latest advanced technology systems in the local market . The company offers comprehensive solutions to cover all requirements in the field of teaching Aids , electronics , e-learning , processing and implementation of language , computer and testing labs . The company maintain the leader in the field through the quality of it’s products and competition in prices and it’s ability to provide skills and competencies , technical and engineering work necessary maintenance . Our presence depends on introducing new technologies , and evolving rapidly as we rely on keeping up with the development

Our Team

Advanced Educational Company Team, provides complete support for your business technology systems. Thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team, you can rest assured of the quality of installation, maintenance and support. We always strive to provide the best technical solutions and the best services to customers who are looking for the highest quality standards related to technical solutions without problems, malfunctions or additional costs.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred technical partner for our customers and work to add value to our customers by analyzing the performance of the systems and providing the appropriate proposal to maintain the continuity of the system and reduce the cost and maintain the highest quality standards for our customers
Advance Education Company #AEC sa-aec.com الشركة التعليمية المتقدمة
Advance Education Company #AEC sa-aec.com الشركة التعليمية المتقدمة

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